Tuxedo Dragon Doodles!

Tux/Theo | they/them | 20s | noodle critter

hey there! i'm Tux! i do science, make art, and sometimes walk around in a big fuzzy animal costume!
(...what are you, some kind of furry??)
did you want to commission me? or perhaps you want to check out my webcomic? or you're curious about my original species idea, amphimorpho? click the links above to find out more!

commission info

status: closed! next opening in late september!

sometimes i'll open limited slots for art commissions! these are taken on a first come, first serve basis via email, and are announced on my social media accounts. please have a look at my TOS before sending in an inquiry!

will draw: animals, furries, humanoids, sfw suggestive
won't draw: nsfw, fetish/kink, NFTs

PSST! Did you get a doodle through my "Doodle Noodle" ko-fi tier? You're eligible for 10% off if you commission me to finish it!

(check out the gallery tab for more art examples!)

terms of service

please read carefully through my TOS if you plan to commission me! any further questions can be directed to my email; i'll try to respond promptly!

  • how to commission: please send an email to [email protected] which includes a description of what you're looking for, reference images, and anything else that may help me bring your vision to life! once we've finalized the project, i'll send an invoice with the price we've discussed via stripe (or paypal). commissions will not be completed until paid in full.

  • will/won't draw: i have the right to turn down an inquiry if it's something i'm not comfortable drawing (see my commissions page for a list!). unsure if something fits the criteria? you can always shoot me an email and ask!

  • cancellations/refunds: if you wish to cancel your commission, please tell me as soon as possible so we can discuss next steps. i will issue refunds, but the amount depends on how much work has already been put in. please bear this in mind!

  • updates/WIPs: i will try to send WIP pics at various stages of the process, usually one for sketch, one for lineart, and one for coloring at minimum. if you need more, just ask, and i will try to be prompt! i can communicate via email, discord, or telegram!

  • revisions & additional time: i will do smaller revisions at any stage, free of charge! if i need a significant amount of time to revise something, however, i may ask to charge based on the time it'll take. i will always discuss this with the client beforehand!

  • rights to art: unless other arrangements have been discussed beforehand, you may only use the art i create for you for non-commercial and personal purposes! it may be sold as part of the rights to a character design.

  • courtesy reminder: i DO NOT tolerate those who promote harm towards minority groups (racism, homophobia, fascism, etc) and don't wish for my work to be associated with such individuals. as such, if i find out you are doing anything of the sort I will discontinue work on your commission and you will be refunded in part or in full.

by commissioning me and sending payment, you are confirming that you have read and understand the TOS, and agree to comply to the standards i've set forth!


here's where to find me around the interwebs!
you can also contact me via email at [email protected]
(art/business inquiries, please!)